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Cnc Cutting Machine ( How to use):

Cnc Cutting Machine

Oncel CNC Machine company sells CNC cutting machines to many countries. The CNC cutting machine sold can make high-precision cuts by the given dimensions. CNC cutting machine widely uses wood, plastic, and metal material cutting.

Apart from the precision cutting advantage of the CNC cutting machine, it also has technologically prominent features. The machine can make serial cuts at order density with cutting speed adjustment according to the companies’ orders. Another essential feature is that it can cut the materials can cut at the desired depth.

The machine’s ease of use and programming structure save operators time. Oncel CNC Machine company continues to sell its cutting machines to many companies involved in production activities regardless of the sector. CNC cutting machines offer fast and practical cutting opportunities for the material to be cut, saving time and labour costs.

Oncel CNC Machine’s primary goal in Styrofoam cutting machine sales is to ensure customer satisfaction. The company’s main purpose, which has years of experience in machine sales, is not to sell machines but to provide quality service.

If your company needs CNC Cutting Machine for your productions, we can cooperate as Oncel CNC Machine. You can achieve high performance in your companies with our CNC Cutting machines with robust and durable features.

Cnc Cutting Machine

CNC cutting machines sold by Oncel CNC Machinery company can be easily used by operators thanks to software programs. With CNC cutting machine, you can cut hair, iron, steel, aluminium, wood, plexi and many other materials that we cannot count. The Computer Numerical Control system, called CNC, gives the desired cutting dimensions to the machine before cutting and clear-cutting results are obtained.

Since the CNC cutting machines we sell as Oncel CNC Machine make automatic cutting, employees do not need to contact the machine physically. In this way, a safe workplace situation arises for possible work accidents.

Cnc Cutting Machine Price

CNC cutting machine price varies depending on many factors. The technological features of the CNC cutting machine directly affect the quality of the cuts made. When considered in terms of customers, the fact that the cutting operations performed are less desired will affect production costs.

CNC Cutting Machine model is the main determining factor when determining CNC cutting machine prices. Desktop CNC Cutting Machine, portable CNC Cutting Machine, flame CNC Cutting Machine, plasma CNC cutting machine, gantry CNC Cutting Machine, console CNC cutting machine etc. There are many machine models, such as.

Although the prices of CNC cutting machines are similar models, they vary according to the brand. Another determining factor in CNC cutting machines is the general mechanical condition that ensures the harmonious operation of the power supply, motor and CNC systems. Automation compatibility in the machines also affects the prices. Since the CNC cutting machine is a mechatronic automation product, its efficient operation is important for the continuity of production.

Cnc Router Machine

Oncel CNC Machine sells CNC Router Machine. The general purpose of the router machine is to create decorative 3D products. CNC Router Machine, which we sell as CNC Oncel Machine with a 2-year warranty, makes it easier for you to obtain the outcomes you dream of with the software it has.

The CNC Router Cutting Machine we sell is 2100 x 3000 x 2250 mm in size. The control panel is 1000 x 800 x 1100 mm, and the machine’s cutting capacity is 1500x2000x500. Maximum cutting dimensions are X=1500 mm, Y=2000 mm, and Z=500 mm. The machine’s energy consumption varies between a minimum of 1 KW and a maximum of 5 KW. CNC Router Machine has 4.5 Newton motors on X, Y and Z axes. Its Mach 3 control and Lazy Cam G-code programmes can make detailed cuts. The machine uses linear rail and rack gear in the movement system.

CNC Router machine cutting tips are diamond and allow you to cut as you wish. The diamond inserts in the machine are cut with high rotational speed. The CNC Router Machine, which we sell as Oncel CNC Machine, makes error-free cuts in desired scales by the models determined with its computer support. The machine has fast, functional features and finishes the given jobs quickly.

Due to its fast production, short-term job delivery is realised. The price of cutting depends on the size and shape.

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