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Coating Machine (Why)

Coating Machine

As CNC Oncel Machine, we sell coating machines used in various sectors. The Coating Machine we sell can cover all facade claddings and jambs in widths between 30-560 mm.

The assembly and disassembly of the Eps Styrofom Coating Machine are straightforward, so it saves time for companies. With its 70-kilograms capacity mortar reservoir and easy-to-clean structure, the coating machine works efficiently without interrupting the production flow.

As Oncel CNC Machinery, we sell our customers reliable, high-quality coating machines. Our coating machines come with a two-year warranty. We also provide technical support to our customers after the sale.

Coating Machine

The coating machines we sell CNC Oncel Machine make the coating processes of film, paper or other materials with glue, paint or ink layers.

The Coating Machine works with an automatic film joining mechanism and an automated control system in surface coating processes.

The coating machine we sell uses glue or ink on the surfaces of aluminium foil, plastic film or fabric textiles. It ensures production continuity with fast and uninterrupted roll change.

The coating machine can perform high-speed uninterrupted automatic roll change thanks to its double station rewinding and unwinding feature.

The two endpoints in the general working mechanism of the Coating Machine are attached to the vertical support arm. The chain systems that provide the movement of the coating machine provide surface movement by moving. The cables providing electrical transmission must run smoothly at this point. The parts that provide the movement system connect to the variable frequency motor for smooth operation.

The coated part must be clean and tense in terms of production. Fixing the surfaces to be covered with screen locks and mechanical clamps makes production more accessible. A producer must apply the polymer materials used in wet material coating, such as adhesive, paint, etc.

As a CNC Oncel machine, our coating machine incorporates all the technological features required for coating processes and performs our customers’ surface coating processes quickly and efficiently.

If you are a company that performs surface coating processes and surface coating processes are part of your business, CNC Oncel Machine coating machines will suit you. Our high quality and specialized coating machines contribute to the production of your companies.

Coating Machine Price

As CNC Oncel Machine, while selling Coating Machines, we also strive to provide the best quality service to the companies we serve.

Various factors determine the price of coating machines. Although the coating machines sold in the market have similar features, the brand difference affects the sales prices. Materials and technology used in the production of coating machines are other factors affecting prices.

We recommend that companies wishing to purchase coating machines make comparisons in many ways and do not place orders only by looking at Coating Machine prices.

The main factor that directly determines the function of coating machines is their technological features. This situation determines the function and price of coating machines to a great extent.

As CNC Oncel Machine, we aim to sell to our customers at the best prices while selling coating machines to our customers. You can contact us if you want to buy a quality coating machine.

Types of Coating Machine

As Oncel CNC Machine, we are a leading company in the machinery sector with the coating machines sales we have been carrying out for years.

Types of coating machines include roller coating machines and inkjet coating machines. Roll coating machines perform coating processes in various viscosities and coating thicknesses.  Roll coater machines use for continuous high-speed coating of wide and long substrates in production sectors such as food and pharmaceuticals. The inkjet coater machine works for precise patterns and dramatically reduces material loss.

CNC Oncel Machine coating machines apply to the manufacturing industry’s adhesion of coatings and surface treatment materials. The coating machine we sell offers quality coating solutions. You can contact us via our website to get more detailed information about the coating machines we sell. Our communication team will answer any questions you want to ask soon.

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