Eps cutting line; Öncel Cnc Makine Cnc Eps Styrofoam Cuttıng is Used in The Production Of Products Such As Frames, Panels, Crown, Floor Molding, Applique Keystone, Which Are Used For insulation And Decoration On Exterior Facades.

eps cutting line 3d-2d fast cut machine
eps cutting line 3d-2d fast cut machine

eps cutting line

Machine Dimensions 3700 x 3250 x 2500 mm
Control Panel1000 x 800 x 1100 mm
Circular Tray DimensionsX = 3700 mm Y = 2000 mm
Cutting Capacity of the MachineCapacity of 2 Blocks in Vertical Arm, 4 Blocks in Horizontal Arm
Number of Wires That Can Be Connected26 Pieces 0.30 Mm Wire Binding Capacity
Maximum Cutting Dimensions X = 2100 mm Y = 1450 mm
Resistance Height 1200 mm
Horizontal Resistance Length2400 mm
Energy Use of the MachineMin. 1kw, Maks. 5kw
X-Axis Engine Power and Amount2 Engines with 4.5NM Power
Motor Power and Amount in Y Axis2 Engines with 4.5NM Power
Machine Control ProgramMach3 Controller
G Code Programlazy camera
Machine’s Motion SystemoncLinear Rail and Rack Gear
Machine Weight350 KG

custom settings.:

  • automatic cutting machine.
  • horizontal
  • vertical
  • sizes
  • compressor

photos while the machine is working

  • fast cut
  • clean cut
  • fully automatic cutting

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