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Eps Foam Coating Machine, Jamb Coating Machine

eps foam coating machine, jamb coating machine

Eps Foam Coating Machine performs the styrofoam coating process. While doing these operations, the cut styrofoam is covered. You can cut these Styrofoam in 3d and 2d shapes. You need to make the cut styrofoam shapes with computer aid. After making your drawings with autocad supported programs, you can make your cuts.

eps molding machine gives the desired shape on the styrofoam with the help of different molds. With these machines, you can make different shapes of interior and exterior decoration insulations.

Eps Foam Coating Machine

Eps Foam Coating Machine ensures the strength of the styrofoam material on the exterior and interior, and more. What do these coating machines do? Eps Coating Machine. The styrofoam molding machine coats the cut styrofoam with mortar as 3d and 2d.

This molding machine is molding frame and styrofoam. types of molding machines; coating machine, fully automatic spraying machine, spraying machine. The coating machine transfers to the coating machine after the fully automatic mortar mixing machine completes the mixture. and the coating starts on the styrofoam.

Eps Foam Coating Machine: Our Frame Coating Can Cover All Facade Coatings And Frames Up To A Width Of 30-560 Mm. The Mold is Easy To Assemble And Disassemble. It Has A Capacity Of 70 Kg.

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