Eps Moulding Machine frame motar coating Our Frame Coating Machine Can Cover All Facade Coatings And Frames Up To A Width Of 30-560 Mm. The Mold is Easy To Assemble And Disassemble. It Has A Mortar Capacity Of 70 Kg

Eps moulding Machine

Frame Mortar Coating Machine: Our jamb coating can cover all facade cladding and jambs up to a width of 30-560 mm. The assembly and disassembly of the mold is easy.

Eps Moulding Machine 3d

technical details

Module Dimensions 2000 x 240 x 750 mm
MDF Table Diameter Dimensions 500 mm
Maximum Cutting Dimensions X = 1800 mm Y = 1200 mm D = 1200 MM
Module Energy Consumption0,25 KW
Module Motor Power4.5 Knots
Module Control ProgramMach 3
Module Weight40 KG
Eps Moulding Machine

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