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Eps Sandwich Panel Machine

EPS Sandwich Panel Machine

The Eps Sandwich Panel Machine or Cnc Styrofoam Cutting Machine is a machine that produces flat panels made of Eps polystyrene material. It is capable of cutting and assembling panels that are up to 250mm thick. The machine includes a feeding table and a roll forming system. It is also equipped with a vertical connector that welding the panels together. This machine is used to manufacture. Single and double panels for various purposes, including commercial and residential building construction.

Eps Sandwich Panel Machine Supplier

If you’re in the market for an Eps Sandwich Panel Machine, you’ve probably wondered which components you need to look for. The main components of an Eps Sandwich panel line include a feeding system, roll forming system, a laminator, and a slotting device. The machine cuts a panel to its exact length using a counter that keeps track of its length and width. This guarantees automatic processing with ease of operation and reliable performance.

The Eps Sandwich Panel Production Machine is one of the most popular choices of contractors and distributors. It produces a wide range of sandwich panels. It can be ready in as little as eighty days from the time you pay a 30% deposit and have a contract with a manufacturer.

The machine can produce both roof and wall sandwich panels and uses a PLC and touch screen controlling system. It can also produce EPS board insulated panels for prefab buildings. Aside from EPS sandwich panels, the line can also produce metal-skinned EPS board panels.

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