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What İs The Capacity?

Minimum Production Capacity İs 500 M2/Hour. – Минимальная Производственная Мощность – 500 М2/Час. 

Who İs Going To Set The Machine?

Installation Belongs To Our Company. İf The Customer Prefers, The Machine Could Be İnstalled By The Customer With The Support Of Öncel Cnc Machine

In Which Conditions Problems Could Ocur And Who Repairs The Machine?

Parts Replacement May Be Required Due To Wear. The User Can Easily Replace These Parts.

Are The Motors Of Our Machine Powerful?

We Use Double Size Engines Than Neccesary

How Many Years Of Warranty?

2 Years Of Warranty..

Will Any Malfunction Occur In The Machine When I Prefer Öncel Cnc Machines?

Except For The Wearing Parts, There Will Be No Malfunction İn My Machine.

How Do We Use The Machine ?-

The User Manual İs Going To Be Taught By Öncel Cnc Makine Either Face To Face Or Online.

How Long Does Our Wear Material Last?

İt Depends On Using Conditions And The Material.

Electrıcal And Electronıc Questıons

Which Brand Material Do You Use İn Your Machines?

Leadshine Ve Schneider Electric Markaları Tercihimizdir. à We Prefer Leadshine And Schneider Elecetric Brands For Our Products.

Is İt Possible To Find The Substituon Materials On Our Own?

Yo Can Find. It İs Not A Problem For The Warranty As Long As You Coorparate With Our Technical Support Team.

İn Which Conditions The Electronic Parts Could Be Broken?

When The Voltage Is Too High Than Necessary, When The Grounding And The Neutral Are Weak, It May Fail As Per World Standards.

Shipping Questions

When Do We Reach The Machine?

İt Depends On The Quantity Of The Order

İs İt Possible To Deal With The Shipping On My Own ?

We Can Allow You To Deal With The Shipping As Long As You Coorparate With Us.

Do You Have Any Partner Shipping Company?

We Are Negotiating With The Shipping Companies Due To Our Customer’s Wishes And Requests.

Who İs The Deliverer?

We Deliver The Product As Öncel Cnc Makine Within The Coorparation Of The Customer Firm.

From Where Do You Send The Prouct?

We Deliver From Öncel Cnc Machine Manufacturing Workshop

What Kind Of Shipping Services Do You Prefer?

We Prefer Sealines And Truck/Road Delivery Because Of İts Prices. But İn The Special Cases, We May Send The Product By The Airlines.

Payment Question

How Much Does Your Machines Cost?

From 2000 Dollars Up To 150.000 Dollars.

Do We Have A İnstallment Option ?

With The Installment Option, You Can Get It Through A Contracted Bank. Payments İn Installments Can Be Made With The Leasing Service.

Can We Pay Face To Face?

You Can Come To Our Office And Sign The Agreement After The Discussion.

When Do We Pay For The Machine?

If The Order İs A Special Production, 60% Prepayment İs Received. When Broadcasting Service İs Provided, 40% İs Taken

For Our Standard Production, 20% Prepayment İs Received. Business İs Started. When Broadcasting Service Will Be Provided, 80% Prepayment Is Taken.

Can The Machine Fee Paid By Eft Or Money Order ?

You Can Make Your Payment To Our Contracted State Approved Corporate Account Information.


When Do You Deliver The Machine ?

Depending On The Quantity, İt May Change Withing 2 And 60 Days.

Can We Buy The Machines With Kosgeb Fund?

Yeah, You Can.

Do You Have An Active Work? What İs Your Working Line ?

Yeah, We Have An Active Work.

Sales Are Made By Making Contracts According To Your Country’s Procedures.

Is There Kosgep Support? What Should I Follow?

Is There Kosgep Support? What Should I Follow?

How Can I Apply?

You Have To Share Your Project With Your  Kosgeb Consultant First.

After Your Project İs Approved,

Öncel Cnc Makine İssues Your Personal Proforma İnvoice, And Then The Services Begin.

Questions & Answers

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