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Foam Coating Machine (Eps)

foam coating machine

Foam Coating Machine, first of all, the styrofoam should be cut and the edges should be smoothed. You need to choose which mold you will cover the cut styrofoam with. After the cutting and edge trimming of the styrofoam is finished. acrylic mixing process is done. after mixing acrylic or mortar. You can proceed to the coating process.

Fully Automatic Moulding Machine oncel cnc machine, it carries out the latest technologies and R & D studies. As oncel cnc machine, you can make your coatings, cuts, spraying and mixing with the help of computer aided programs. You can provide program assistance such as autocad, lazycam.

3D Styrofoam Cutting Machine Prices Are You Curious? The cutting process is started by placing the styrofoam cutting machine on the cnc eps cutting machine bench. You can move your 3d  table with the help of the keyboard while you are on the cnc eps cutting bench. It makes hot cuts with the help of titanium wire. Since it cuts with steam, it cuts clean and useful styrofoam.

foam coating machine
foam coating machine

Eps Foam Coating Machine

Eps Foam Coating Machine performs the styrofoam coating process. You can cut these Styrofoam in 3d and 2d shapes. You need to make the cut styrofoam shapes with computer aid. After making your drawings with autocad supported programs, you can make your cuts. eps molding machine gives the desired shape on the styrofoam with the help of different molds. With these machines, you can make different shapes of interior and exterior decoration insulations.

Cnc Styrofoam Cutting Machine You can make insulation materials with these machines. You can shape the exterior and interior insulations as 3d and 2d. With these coatings, your material is durable. What you need to do before coating is to cut the styrofoam.

eps foam coating machine
eps foam coating machine

Eps Foam Coating Machine…. The styrofoam molding machine coats the cut styrofoam with mortar as 3d and 2d. This molding machine is molding frame and styrofoam. types of molding machines; coating machine, fully automatic spraying machine, spraying machine. The coating machine transfers to the coating machine after the fully automatic mortar mixing machine completes the mixture. and the coating starts on the styrofoam.

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