CNC Cutting Machine

Foam Cutting

Foam Cutting is of interest to people who are engaged in machine manufacturing. People in this field make the work of people in the construction field in general easier by producing miraculous machines. In addition, they avoid costs and provide savings.

These machines are used as cnc machines. The cnc machine enters the process by touch on the computer; You have to design the cutting process you will do and leave the rest to the machine. The machine will do the rest automatically.

The name of our machine is Cnc Eps It is a Styrofoam Cutting Machine. The Styrofoam Cutting Machine gives an aesthetic appearance to the Styrofoam by making the Cutting process in 3D. The process you will do will give you convenience. In this way, you will enter into a fierce competition with other machinery companies. Apart from the Styrofoam Cutting Machine, we have many different machines. Edge squaring machine, titanium wire, Oval column and belt cutting machine. Among them, titanium wire is cut only by hand. Xps machine also produces cuts like Eps. But Xps is more difficult and difficult to use. That’s why I recommend getting an Eps Machine.

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