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Hot Cutting Wire

As Oncel CNC Machine company, we sell hot cutting wire for companies engaged in cutting works in 208 countries. Thanks to the features of the Hot Cutting Wire we sell, cutting operations are carried out quickly and efficiently.

Companies that cut in cutting machines can perform cutting operations in the desired dimensions and precision thanks to the hot cutting wire. The Hot Cutting Wire sold by Oncel CNC Machine company enables its customers to achieve smooth cuts.

As Oncel CNC Machine company, we have been selling cutting machines and wires to 208 countries for many years. The hot cutting wires sold by Oncel CNC Machine offer high-quality cutting opportunities to your materials thanks to titanium alloy with a low expansion coefficient, high strength and high cutting efficiency. Since there is no elongation and expansion in hot cutting wires due to friction during cutting, companies that receive service can obtain precise cuts in the desired dimensions.

How to Make Hot Wire Foam Cutter

The hot wire foam cutting method generally uses to cut expanded polystyrene, styrofoam, polystyrene, and polyethene foam. In hot wire cutting, materials are cut by utilising the wire temperature.
The cutting machine motor provides the heating of the hot wire. In hot wire foam cutting, wire temperatures must be adjusted by the materials to be cut. Wires reaching high temperatures can cause the cut materials to burn during cutting.
Determining the lengths and widths of the hot wires to be used is related to the desired cutting size. Before purchasing, companies that purchase hot wires from Oncel CNC Machine Company specify the wire sizes they want. As a company, we offer fast and high-quality solutions for the hot wire needs of our customers in varying sizes. Our customers can make cuts with the precision they want in their cutting machines by supplying hot cutting wire in the sizes they want.
Cutting machines have control units that adjust the hot wire temperature. The control units of the cutting machines allow the cutting parameters to be changed. In this way, incorrect cutting is prevented in the machines.

Hot Cutting Wire

Oncel CNC Machine sells hot cutting wire for companies that cut materials such as a sponge, styrofoam, polyethene, and polystyrene. Oncel CNC machine company, which always prioritises customer satisfaction in its hot cutting wire sales, provides technical support through its website after sales.

If you want to take advantage of hot cutting wire’s smooth and clean cutting properties in your cutting machines, we are ready to serve you as an Oncel CNC Machine company. The hot cutting wires we sell can make cuts in desired dimensions and precision. Our hot-cutting wires, which have a long service life thanks to titanium alloy, provide severe benefits to the companies that are sold in terms of production continuity.

In our hot-cutting wire sales, we can deliver orders in the width and length desired by our customers. With our approach based on customer satisfaction, we offer fast solutions to your demands of varying sizes.

Cnc Xps Stropier Cutting Machine

Titanium Wire sold by Oncel CNC Machine will increase your productivity in your workplace thanks to its quality material structure and longevity. 

The hot cutting wire will make a difference in the cuts in your workplace due to its ability to cut at high speed, cut the material’s surface cleanly, and work for a long time without rupture and flexibility features.

Suppose you want to get more detailed information about how cutting wire, CNC cutting, jamb cutting, mortar spraying, mixing and sizing machines are sold by Oncel CNC Machine company. In that case, you can contact our customer representatives.

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