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How to Break Down Styrofoam

How to Break Down Styrofoam

How to Break Down Styrofoam When you buy big items, they come with a large block of Styrofoam in the packaging. Those blocks can be very difficult to break down into smaller pieces and fit into your trash can. You are wondering How to Break Down Styrofoam? You also probably don’t have the space to store all that Styrofoam for later use. The good news is that there are several ways to recycle it.

The restaurant industry is a big user of Styrofoam. Cnc Styrofoam Cutting Machine This type of foam is light, absorbs shock, and prevents damage to products during transit.

How Long Does It Take For Styrofoam to Break Down?

The main problem with Styrofoam is that it doesn’t break down quickly, and scientists say it will take up to 500 years to completely decompose in landfills. The reason for this is that it’s very chemically stable, meaning bacteria can’t eat it. As a result, it has a long shelf life, and it’s very difficult to keep it out of the water.

The Best Way to Break Down Styrofoam

One of the best ways to break down styrofonum is to use a wheel sander. These machines are usually used for shaping wood, and they work great for breaking down Styrofoam as well. These sanders will grind down Styrofoam into small pieces, and will not damage your skin. You can also use sandpaper or pumice stone to break down styrofoam.

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