Once you understand the working principle of NC Cutting Machines, you will see that it can be used with all kinds of machine tools and tools. CNC machines, or numerically controlled computer machines, were extremely complex. To automate the machines, including the processes, Öncel Cnc has done R&D for a long time. used computer systems and software programs.

Cnc Cutting Machines

For this reason, CNC cutting machines (also called combustion tables) use CNC machining to cut all types of materials, including steel, aluminum, and wood. First, before we check out the differences, we need to take a proper look at each of these machines.


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Cnc Styrofoam Cutting Machine (Eps)

$ 18.000,00
Cnc Eps Styrofoam Cutting Machine is used in the production of products such as Panel, Crown, Floor Plastering, Applique Keystone Used in Exterior Insulation and Decoration.

3D Rotary Table

$ 4.000,00
3d Rotary Table Module Allows Us To Make 3-Dimensional Cuts By Attaching To The Cnc Styrofoam Cuttıng Machine. Products Such As Polygon, Auger Polygon, Curved Auger Polygon Are Made With 3d Rotary Table Module.

Arch And Base Cutting Machine

$ 9.000,00
Arch And Base Cutting Machine: It Makes 3d Styrofoam Cutting. It Makes Column Cuts And Cuts Different Styrofoam Patterns.

Cnc Xps Stropier Cutting Machine

$ 15.000,00
Cnc Xps Stropier Cutting Machine: It is Used in The Production Of Extrude Polystyrene Products Such As Strophier-Lath-Curtain Used in interior Walls

Titanium Wire

$ 75,00
Titanium Wire : Our Titanium Cutting Wires are Suitable for Use in Hand Cutting Tools, Cnc Cutting Machines and Block Cutting Machines of All Manufacturers Worldwide. The basis of Hot Cutting Wires Used in Eps and Similar Foam Cutting is Titanium Cutting Wire. They are Titanium Alloy Wires, which are reinforced with special alloys and made suitable for hot cutting as a result of long trials and experiences. In order for it to be cut at the desired speed and quality, the wire produced with suitable alloys must go through a series of processes. In these processes, it increases the breaking resistance of the wire. Advantages of Our Cutting Wire;
  • Cuts Fast
  • The Surface of the Material
  • Comes Out Clean Works for a long time
  • without breaking Wire
  • can be stretched as desired It does not stretch as it heats up.
  • CNC Router Eps
With the Cnc Router Eps Computer, they can generally give reasonable quality and reliable results, even at the entry level. This Is A Great Choice If You Want To Create Decorative Objects Or Just Want To Experiment A Little. For example, Öncel Cnc Machine Has A Large Working Surface And Quite Simple Tools, But It Is Sufficient For Milling And Smooth Cutting.

Sponge Cutting Machine

$ 23.000,00
Sponge Cutting Machine: It cuts sponge and similar materials in desired dimensions with high precision. It is possible to cut different sizes and quantities of material with different programs to be made on the touch screen.