Frame Cutting Machine

Frame Cutting Machine Machines are things created by humans to make it easier to work. This is the artificial effect of the tool or invention at play here. The machine has mechanical advantages.

Some machines have many moving parts. Like bikes and watches. Some machines have no moving parts. For example computers and phones.

Because there is no history, people use machines. Usually a machine converts one form of energy into another. Simple machines will increase or change the direction of the force.

The machine can reduce the labor and simplify the work. It also reduces labor and increases work efficiency. This also makes the job more accurate. This is a simple definition.

The description of the machine in the book is as follows: A machine is a tool that contains one or more parts that use energy to perform expected actions.

These machines are usually powered by chemical, thermal or electrical means and are usually electrical.

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Cnc Styrofoam Cutting Machine (Eps)

$ 18.000,00
Cnc Eps Styrofoam Cutting Machine is used in the production of products such as Panel, Crown, Floor Plastering, Applique Keystone Used in Exterior Insulation and Decoration.

3D Rotary Table

$ 4.000,00
3d Rotary Table Module Allows Us To Make 3-Dimensional Cuts By Attaching To The Cnc Styrofoam Cuttıng Machine. Products Such As Polygon, Auger Polygon, Curved Auger Polygon Are Made With 3d Rotary Table Module.

Eps Foam Coating Machine

$ 9.000,00
Eps Foam Coating Machine: Our Frame Coating Machine Can Cover All Facade Coatings And Frames Up To A Width Of 30-560 Mm. The Mold is Easy To Assemble And Disassemble. It Has A Mortar Capacity Of 70 Kg

Jamb Mortar Mixer Machine 1000 kg

$ 9.000,00

Jamb Mortar Mixer Machine (1000 kg):

Jamb Mortar Mixer Machine (1000 kg): It is The Machine That Mixes The Acrylic Mortar Used in Frame Making And Makes it Thicken.

Jamb Mortar Mixing Machine Fully Automatic

$ 23.000,00
Jamb Mortar Mixing Machine Fully Automatic: Effective Safety Control System, Professional Electrical Design And Quality Assurance, Wear-Resistant Mortar Conveying System And Accurate Weighing System, The Unique Design And Tightness Of The Mortar Discharge Valve Prevent Mortar Leakage. 7 Operator Touch Panel İnterfaces Provide The Best Working Environment For You. It Has Fast Set-Up Time And Low İnstallation Cost. Automatic Shut-Off Function Reduces Production Losses With Safe Operation.

Standard Mortar Spraying Machine

$ 9.000,00
Standard Mortar Spraying Machine: Mortar Spraying Machine Sprays Pressurized Mortar With A Pump On Raw Products Such As A Single Gun With Manual Trigger, Cut Styrofoam, Panels, And Corner Stones. The Gun Operates independently Under The Control Of The Driver And in Simultaneous Use The Pump Generates The Pressure Accordingly.

Fully Automatic Mortar Spraying Machine

$ 19.000,00
Fully Automatic Mortar Spraying Machine: The Mortar Spraying Machine Fully Automatically Sprays Mortar On Raw Products Such As Cut Styrofoam, Panels, And Corner Stones.

Eps Styrofoam Pattern Printing Machine

$ 19.000,00
Eps Styrofoam Pattern Printing Machine is Used in The Production Of Decorative Frames Used in Exterior Such As Wood-Looking, Stone-Like, Broken Brick Patterns. We Obtain These Patterns By Pressing The Heated Mold On The Product At High Pressure.

Styrofoam Molds

$ 2.300,00
Styrofoam Molds: The Molds Are Aluminum And Their Surfaces Have An Anti-Adhesion Teflon Coating.

Arch And Base Cutting Machine

$ 9.000,00
Arch And Base Cutting Machine: It Makes 3d Styrofoam Cutting. It Makes Column Cuts And Cuts Different Styrofoam Patterns.

Edge Sizing Machine

$ 11.000,00
Edge Sizing Machine: Choose Our Machines For A Safe Working Atmosphere. It Has A Protection Top Cover.

Styrofoam Shredder Machine

$ 7.000,00
Styrofoam Shredder Machine: The Styrofoam Waste Melting Machine is A Machine That Melts The Scrap Styrofoams Left Over From The Frame Cutting.