Frame Cutting Machine: Our Titanium Cutting Wires Are Suitable For Use İn Hand Cutting Tools, Cnc Cutting Machines And Block Cutting Machines From All Manufacturers Worldwide.

Frame Cutting Machine
Frame Cutting Machine İs The Basis Of Hot Cutting Wires Used İn Eps And Similar Foam Cutting. They Are Titanium Alloy Wires That Have Been Strengthened With Special Alloys And Made Suitable For Hot Cutting As A Result Of Long Trials And Experiences. In Order To Cut The Desired Speed And Quality, The Wire Produced With Suitable Alloys Must Be Passed Through A Series Of Processes. In These Processes, İt İncreases The Breaking Resistance Of The Wire. Advantages Of Our Cutting Wire;

Makes Fast Cutting
The Surface Of The Material Comes Out Clean
It Works For A Long Time Without Breaking
The Wire Can Be Stretched As Desired
It Does Not Elongate As İt Gets Warmer.
Cnc Router Eps
Even At The Entry Level With Cnc Router Eps Computer, They Can Generally Provide Reasonable Quality And Reliable Results. This İs A Great Choice İf You Want To Create Some Decorative Objects Or Just Want To Experiment A Little. For Example, Oncel Cnc Machine. Has A Large Work Surface And Fairly Simple Tools, But İt İs Sufficient For Milling And Even Cutting.

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Jamb Mortar Mixer Machine 1000 kg

$ 9.000,00

Jamb Mortar Mixer Machine (1000 kg):

Jamb Mortar Mixer Machine (1000 kg): It is The Machine That Mixes The Acrylic Mortar Used in Frame Making And Makes it Thicken.