hot wire foam cutting machine, When it is said, it consists of the first wires that come to mind. Titanium wire is a hot cutting tool. Among our machines, there is a Styrofoam cutting machine. This machine makes clean and smooth cuts by evaporating the styrofoam with the hot wire at the end.
Diy Hot Wire Foam Cutter
hot wire foam cutting machine
Titanium Wire, The basis of Hot Cutting Wires Used in Eps and Similar Foam Cutting is Titanium Cutting Wire. They are Titanium Alloy Wires, which are reinforced with special alloys and made suitable for hot cutting as a result of long trials and experiences. In order for it to be cut at the desired speed and quality, the wire produced with suitable alloys must go through a series of processes. Don’t forget to check out the Oncel Cnc Machine. website for more detailed information.

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Cnc Styrofoam Cutting Machine (Eps)

$ 18.000,00
Cnc Eps Styrofoam Cutting Machine is used in the production of products such as Panel, Crown, Floor Plastering, Applique Keystone Used in Exterior Insulation and Decoration.