Oval 3d Forming machine Allows Us To Make 3-Dimensional Cuts By Attaching To The Cnc Styrofoam Cuttıng Machine. Products Such As Polygon, Auger Polygon, Curved Auger Polygon Are Made With 3d Rotary Table Module.

Oval 3d Forming machine
Oval 3d Forming machine: It allows you to shape Styrofoam by cutting it in 3d. These styrofoam ornaments are used for exterior 3d wall and ceiling decoration etc. can be used as The businesses that prefer these styrofoam the most are hotels, restaurants and cafes. If you want to own this machine. You can have machines guaranteed for 2 years with the assurance of Oncel Cnc Machine.

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Arch And Base Cutting Machine

$ 9.000,00
Arch And Base Cutting Machine: It Makes 3d Styrofoam Cutting. It Makes Column Cuts And Cuts Different Styrofoam Patterns.