Spray Coating Machine For A Safe Working Atmosphere. It Has A Protection Top Cover. The cold cutting machine cuts sponge and similar materials to the desired size. Fast sponge cutting machine makes cold cuts. It makes cold cuts instead of hot cuts. There are different cut wires from titanium wire. It is possible to cut materials of different sizes and numbers with different programs.


Cnc machines vary according to the type of workbench and workbench. These changes may also vary according to prices and demands. Siensi machines workbenches; we can say it as cutting, spraying, mixing. Cnc cutting styrofoam cuts cleanly and conveniently. Spraying makes a mortar coating on the styrofoam. Mortar mixing, on the other hand, allows you to obtain useful mortar by mixing the mortar with acrylic. Most preferred businesses; Hotels, cafes and the most preferred construction sector.

SQUARE MACHINE vary according to bench and machine types. If you prefer xps cut instead of eps cut, the price changes. And if you prefer our new R&D studies, it will be good for both your business and the employee. That’s why we prefer our new R&D studies. Oncel Cnc Machine.

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Edge Sizing Machine

$ 11.000,00
Edge Sizing Machine: Choose Our Machines For A Safe Working Atmosphere. It Has A Protection Top Cover.