CNC Cutting Machine

Sponge Cutting Machine (Cutting Process)

Sponge Cutting Machine (Cutting Process)

Sponge-cutting machines are specially designed machines for cutting sponges. The Sponge-Cutting Machine design has a pneumatic wire tensioning system with automatic adjustment. You can cool and clean the sponge-cutting machine wire with the blowing method. The audible warning system is automatically activated against sudden wire breaks. It performs sponge cutting efficiently with high motor power. With its original CNC interface, it can continue sponge cutting from where it left off despite possible wire breaks. The laser-cutting knife cuts by moving on the sponge thanks to the computer-controlled movement system.

The vacuum system helps to remove dust and small particles generated during the cutting of the sponges. Sponge cutting machine is primarily used in industrial processes requiring high-volume sponge cutting. Sponge-cutting machines easily cut materials such as a sponge, polyethene foam, polypropylene foam, extruded styrofoam, expanded styrofoam and foamed glass.

Sponge Cutting Machine

Sponge-cutting machines deliver highly successful work in cutting and shaping processes with the reducer system on all axes. Sponge-Cutting Machines can cut in desired shapes and sizes with laser cutting technology. Sponge-cutting machines have many usages and use in many production facilities. Sponge-cutting machines are widely used for cutting sofas, chairs, and mattresses in the furniture industry and car seat sponges in the automotive industry.

Sponge Cutting Machine Price

Sponge-Cutting Machine Prices vary depending on many factors. Sponge-cutting machines can have different sizes and capacities. The prices of Sponge-Cutting machines with large capacities are naturally higher. Sponge-cutting machines can use different blade technologies. Sponge-cutting machines with laser-cutting technology has a higher price compared to other machines. CNC technology makes a difference in sponge-cutting machines, making the cutting process automatic and precise. A computer usually controls the sponge-cutting machine.

The computer ensures that the blade or laser beam is correctly positioned and moved during cutting the sponge is placed on the machine platform during the cutting process. Then, the cutting tool controlled by the machine moves over the sponge and cuts the desired shape. The cut sponge pieces can be collected by the device and discarded or reused. Among the factors affecting the price of sponge-cutting machines is the brand of the machine. The vacuum system in the Fast Cold Cutting Machine cleans the sponge dust and parts formed during cutting. Preventing the inhalation of dust by workers is extremely important for the health of the workers.

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