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Styrofoam Cutting Machine | How To Use |

Styrofoam Cutting Machine | How To Use |

CNC Oncel Machine sells Styrofoam Cutting Machine, which has high usage, especially in construction, packaging, and advertising. CNC Styrofoam Cutting Machine sold by CNC Oncel Machine is a high-technology machine.

The dimensions of the Styrofoam Cutting Machine sold are 3700 x 3250 x 2500 mm. The machine has a cutting feature with a capacity of 2 blocks in the vertical arm and four blocks in the horizontal component.

Styrofoam Cutting Machine sold by CNC Oncel Machine has 26 pieces of 0.30 mm wire binding capacity.

The maximum cutting dimensions of the machine are X = 2100 mm and Y = 1450 mm. The resistance height of the Styrofoam Cutting Machine vertically is 1200 mm, and the resistance width horizontally is 2400 mm.

CNC Styrofoam Cutting Machine uses with Lazy cam G-code programme. The machine has a linear rail and rack and pinion motion system.

With computer-aided design software, it is possible to transfer the shapes to the programme in advance and cut them into the desired shapes.

The energy consumption of the Styrofoam Cutting Machine sold by CNC Oncel Machine is also deficient. While the lowest energy consumption is 1 KW, the highest is 5 KW. The machine’s weight is only 350 kg and provides an advantage for easy use.

Styrofoam Cutting Machines of CNC Oncel Machine consist of high-quality and durable components. Thus, it has a long-lasting usage opportunity. Thanks to the CNC control unit, styrofoam blocks can be cut as you want and sliced to the desired extent. The wire length of the Styrofoam Cutting Machine, which can cut in horizontal and vertical planes, can vary according to the cut.

Styrofoam Cutting Machine

CNC Oncel Machine company, as a leading company in machine sales, offers its customers styrofoam and 3D foam cutting machine sales. Cnc Cutting Machines, frequently used mainly in construction, automotive, packaging, furniture and advertising sectors, cut materials such as EPS (Styrofoam), XPS foam, and polyethene.

A cooling fan, wire heating transformer, Teflon glow cable, wire glow adjustment, LPT and connection cables and two fuses in the CNC control panel are among the powerful features of the Styrofoam Cutting Machine.

CNC Oncel Machine, Styrofoam Cutting Machine, is widely used in the production of decorative decorations used in the construction sector and boxes in the packaging sector with its high precision cutting features. It also provides great convenience in cutting panels used in the advertising sector.

CNC Oncel Machine prioritises customer satisfaction with its professional and reliable sales services offered to its customers.

The company, which focuses on customer satisfaction, offers machine solutions for its customers’ production. CNC Oncel Machine, a pioneer in its sector, enables businesses to increase their productivity.

3D Foam Cutting Machine

CNC Oncel Machine also sells 3D Foam Cutting Machines among those it sells.3D Foam Cutting Machines are used in producing products such as plasterboard, interior decoration, exterior facade, and 3D logo.

The 3D turntable is attached to the 3D Foam Cutting Machine, and 3D rotating objects are produced. 3D Foam Cutting Machine produces jambs, panels, crowns, floor mouldings, and sconce keystones for insulation and exterior facade decoration. 3D Foam Cutting Machine can do ornament cutting.

CNC Oncel Machine provides professional and reliable sales service to its customers with its machines with high-quality standards.

Foam Cutter

CNC Oncel Machine makes guaranteed sales on Foam Cutting Machines. Especially quality foam and similar materials can be cut in different sizes by making changes on the touch screen of the cutting machine, which allows cutting with high precision in desired dimensions.

The cutting machine produces products for many sectors, such as construction, automotive, packaging, furniture and advertising. Using a Foam Cutting machine is essential, especially in cutting materials such as a sponge, foam, etc., which require high precision in cutting.

Those who want to get more information about the cutting machine can get more information by visiting CNC Oncel Machine’s social media accounts. You can also get detailed information about the cutting machine by contacting CNC Oncel Machine’s customer service.

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