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Horizontal Cutting Machine Factory

Horizontal Cutting Machine Factory

The Horizontal Cutting Machine Factory? Different types of horizontal cutting machine is an excellent machine for cutting soft foams. It features a welded construction with a stable and durable design and maintenance-free ball bearing screws. These machines are also equipped with a special-crowned rubber knife wheel, which guarantees consistent cut quality when cutting soft foams.

These machines can handle up to 51″ -long foam buns and a width of 88″ inches. In comparison, the average size of a foam bun is about 40″ long and 76″ wide. Its performance makes it a valuable addition to any foam cutting factory. In addition, it is easy to operate and has a large adjustment range.

Since the 2000s, ÖNCEL CNC has been manufacturing cutting machine factory for cakes. In response to the growing demand from bakers, the company has expanded its product line to include solutions for many food types. In addition to cakes, ÖNCEL CNC offers solutions for butter, cheese, tortillas, pitas, biscotti, and more. Cnc Styrofoam Cutting Machine series horizontal layer cake cutting machines are currently in operation in food-production facilities around the world.

The Horizontal Cutting Machine Factory

The horizontal cutting machine factory is a versatile machine, capable of cutting a variety of metals in different cross sections. It can also cut waste structural metals in a variety of shapes. It can even be used to cut irregular metals such as sheet metal, plate metal, and angle iron. Further, its compact size and low inertia make it an excellent choice for any factory.

Vertical lathes require less space and enable operators to check the machining process against the design drawing. However, the disadvantage of machining on top of a workpiece is that chips accumulate on top, which must be cleaned with compressed air or by rinsing with lubricant. This can lead to high costs in the long run.

Öncel CNC Manufacturing Company offers to their users reasonable price and new technology horizantal cutting machine solutions.We are doing this for a dozen of years with expert experiences.

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