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Titanium Wire Advantages

Titanium Wire Advantages

Oncel CNC Machine company sells Titanium Wire for companies that use it in production. Titanium wires, which are generally used in cutting machines, have many features such as fast cutting, not damaging the material surface, long-lasting uninterrupted operation, adjustable to the desired tension level, and not elongating as it heats up.

Manufacturing companies generally use Titanium Wire in various cutting machines, especially CNC, styrofoam and foam cutting machines.

Titanium Wires, which we sell as Oncel CNC Machine Company, allow you to make the highest quality cuts in your cutting machines. We provide service by prioritising customer satisfaction with Titanium Wire sales to 208 countries worldwide.

The Titanium Wires we sell provide ease of use thanks to their low density and high strength while at the same time allowing long-term use. The resistance of Titanium Wires against high temperatures is another prominent feature.

As Oncel CNC Machine, we produce Titanium Wires according to various quality standards. Our titanium wires meet the generally accepted ASTM B863, ASTM B348, ASTM F67 and ASTM F136 production standards.

Our titanium wires can have width and length coefficients ranging from 1.0 mm-5.0 mm in straight diameter and 0.01 mm-5.0 mm in coiled diameter. We can sell titanium wires in the sizes requested by our customers. Titanium wires are sold in coils according to the request of the customers.

The Titanium Wires we sell have completed important tensile and hardness tests and will provide serious services to the buyer companies at the cutting point.

Titanium Wire Price

The Titanium Wires we sell as Oncel CNC Machine company offer fast and high-quality cutting for manual, styrofoam and block-cutting machines of the manufacturers.

If you compare the prices of Hot Cutting Wire we sell as Oncel CNC Machine with other costs in the sectoral sense, you can understand that you can find quality service at the most affordable prices here.

Many factors affect the sales prices of the titanium wires we sell. Fluctuations in titanium raw material prices and prices affecting production processes affect titanium wire prices.

As Oncel CNC Machine, we focus on offering our customers the most suitable Titanium Wire price and ensuring customer satisfaction with our quality products. You can get more detailed information about titanium wire prices by contacting us.

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